Tree Trimming Service

When should I have a tree removed?
Tree removal urgency varies. For example, a healthy tree that needs to be removed so that you can add a room addition to your house is less urgent than a tree that?s about to topple. If you have an urgent tree removal issue, we?ll come out on an emergency service call and take care of it ASAP. For less urgent tree removals, contact us to discuss the situation.

How long does a tree removal take?
A tree removal can take anywhere from one to four hours from start to finish. The time it takes depends on several variables including the tree?s size and location as well as any protective measures needed to protect nearby structures from damage.

Do you carry liability insurance?
Yes. We carry general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. We take the safety of our workers and customers seriously. All Brownsville Tree Service trimmers and cutters are tree professionals who have been trained in safe tree cutting practices.

Will you haul away the tree?
Yes ? or no ? depending on the size and condition of the tree and your preferences. We offer haul away service for larger trees. We may also chip smaller trees on site and then haul off the wood chips. If you want to keep some wood chips for mulch or some logs for firewood, let us know beforehand and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

How much does your tree service cost?
We approach each tree trimming and removal project on a case-by-case basis because no two jobs are alike. Prices vary depending on factors such as how extensive the growth is, tree size, difficulty, and precautions that must be made. Call us to discuss your required tree services and we will be happy to give you a free estimate. If necessary, we will come to your home for a free consultation.

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