Brownsville Tree Service

Toppled tree in Brownsville or south Texas? Whether a tree has fallen or you have unruly trees than could use a good tree trimming, Brownsville Tree Service is standing by to service your trees. We specialize in tree service, tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, pruning, and downed tree emergencies.

Standard Tree Service
Trees are living organisms, often growing faster than anticipated with branches, roots, and trunks interfering with power lines, roof tops, plumbing, fences, and other structures. Regular tree service ensures that the growth is properly managed and damage kept to a minimum. In addition to protecting your property from limb and root damage, regular service keeps your trees looking beautiful.

Brownsville Tree Service also offers tree and brush clearing services. Keeping brush and controlling tree growth are two important steps that Texas property owners can take to reduce the risk of wildfires.

Emergency Tree Service
Brownsville Tree Service prioritizes emergency calls. After all, a downed tree is a dangerous tree. Whether a tree has taken out power lines, crashed into your home, or is blocking access, it must be professionally ? and safely ? removed. Our tree trimmers understand the risks and use safe techniques to ensure a timely, safe tree removal.

Choose Brownsville Tree Service for the Health of Your Trees
Our tree trimmers are highly skilled and trained in the art of tree trimming. Brownsville Tree Service understands the appropriate cutting and pruning techniques for the trees common to south Texas. Not only are we mindful of the tree?s styling needs, we are also mindful of its health. For example, we do not use spikes to climb your trees. Instead, we use bucket trucks or ropes to reach higher branches and limbs.

The trees surrounding your home are beautiful, living beings. We understand that and take pride in providing tree services that promote healthy tree growth while curtailing damaging growth. When a tree has fallen or has died but remains standing, we will remove the tree and protect your property and your family from further damage and injury.

Contact Us: Brownsville Tree Service, 1012 East Jackson Street, Brownsville, Texas 78520, (956)-238-4730